Logik in der Informatik 14, 2007-11-23/24
Institut für Theoretische Informatik

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Nowadays it seems to be feasible that participants directly contact hotels that offer WEB-pages. Of course, I'll be happy to assist you with your reservation, if necessary.

Here are two hotels we have used successfully on previous occasions for meetings. Both offer special University rates (including breakfast) and are located less then 10 minutes away from the University (walking distance). Please mention "LI 14" when making reservations to qualify for the special rates.

Hotel Lessing Hof ***, 65 Euro single, please reserve by November 5
CVJM Hotel am Wollmarkt **, 43 Euro single, please reserve by November 5

Here are some other options:

Gästehaus Koehler ***/Hotel Pension Wienecke **
City-Hotel Braunschweig ****

Prospective Participants:
- Tarmo Uustalu, Technical University of Tallinn, Estonia:   Dataflow computation, tree transformations and comonads
- Martin Leucker, TU München:   Runtime Verification of LTL properties
- Pascal Hitzler, Universität Karlsruhe:   Some Recent Issues in Tractable Description Logics
- Manfred Schmidt-Schauß, Universität Frankfurt:   On observationally and equationally correct implementations of concurrent languages
- Martin Mundhenk, Friedrich-Schiller-Universität Jena:   Tractability of model-checking for LTL
- Helmut Seidl, TU München:   Precise Relational Analysis Through Strategy Iteration
- Carsten Lutz, TU Dresden
- Nils Bulling, TU Clausthal
- Martin Hofmann, LMU München:   Difunktionale Relationen und ihre Anwendung auf effektbasierte Programmtransformationen
- Jiri Velebil, Technical University of Prague:   Parametrized Iterativity
- Stefan Milius, Siemens:   What are iteration theories?
- Thomas Wilke, CAU Kiel
- Wojtek Jamroga, TU Clausthal

TU Braunschweig, Programming:
- Werner Struckmann

TU Braunschweig, Theoretical Computer Science:
- Jiri Adamek
- Jürgen Koslowski:   Categorifying simulations and bisimulations, a new approach
- Daniel Schwencke:   Coalgebraische Cogleichungslogiken

preliminary Schedule:


11:00-11:35  Leucker
11:35-12:10  Mundhenk
12:10-12:45  Hofmann
00:00-00:00  Lunch Break
14:30-15:05  Schwencke
15:05-15:40  Hitzler
00:00-00:00  Coffee Break
16:00-16:35  Seidl
16:35-17:35  Uustalu
17:45-00:00  Business Meeting
18:30-00:00  Dinner


09:30-10:05  Milius
10:05-10:40  Velebil
00:00-00:00  Coffee Break
11:20-11:55  Schmidt-Schauß
11:55-12:30  Koslowski

Now the department of Theoretical Computer Science is located within the new Computer Science Center at Mühlenpfordstr. 23, near the tram station "Mühlenpfordstr." (trams no. 2, 4, 6, 7). Here is a city map to aid your orientation.

The nearest airport to Braunschweig is located in Hannover, about 60 km to the West. You will need to take a train to Hannover's main train station (about Euro 2.50) and then board a train to Braunschweig (about Euro 9 one way, unless you want to ride an ICE train; these require a supplement of about 6 Euro). Of course, you can also rent a car in Hannover. Alternatively, Berlin is located about 200 km East of Braunschweig.

Further Information:
-- In case of emergency, here are some phone numbers:
E-mail contact: koslowj at iti dot cs dot tu-bs dot de