PSSL 73, 2000-04-29/30
Institut für Theoretische Informatik, TU-Braunschweig

Last update: 2000-04-26

(We had network problems from Wednesday, April 12 until Tuesday, April 18. They seem to be fixed for now. We are very sorry for the inconvenience this may have caused.)

The nearest airport to Braunschweig is located in Hannover, about 60 km to the West. You will need to take a bus to the Hannover train station (about DM 10) and then board a train to Braunschweig (about DM 17 one way, unless you want to ride an ICE train; these require a supplement of DM 12). Of course, you can also rent a car in Hannover.

The department of Theoretical Computer Science is located at Fallersleber Tor Wall 22, near the tram station "Theaterwall" (trams no. 3 and no. 8). Here is a city map to aid your orientation.

Those participants, who did not make separate arrangements, have been booked into the Hotel am Wollmarkt (CVJM), a quiet place not too far from the department. From the train station you can take tram no. 1 to "Alte Waage". Turn right and walk about 250 m past the recently restored "Alte Waage" and a church to the hotel. The single rooms are DM 89 per night, the double rooms DM 149 per night, including breakfast.

Walking distance to the department should be less than 15 minutes. Unfortunately, there is no direct tram or bus connection. You can take the tram no. 1 or no. 6 back to "Hagenmarkt" (1 stop) and transfer to tram no. 3 or no. 8 going towards "Volkmarode" on the other side of the tracks. Exit at the next stop "Theaterwall" and turn left into "Fallersleber-Tor-Wall". Our department is the second building on the right. Even if you intend to walk to the department, you should count on using 4 or 6 tram tickets. Reduced tram tickets are available in strips of 4 or 10. If you arrive with somebody else, you may want to consider getting a strip of 10 for 2 people.

On Friday evening, we have reserved some tables in the restaurant "Lindenhof" at 19:00. If you arrive later that shouldn't be a problem. The restaurant is located a bit East of the department (take the tram 3 or 8 to the stop "Humboldtstrasse"), and despite its German name features excellent Italian food.

With the number of talks announced so far, speakers can expect to have about 35 minutes available. We intend to start at 09:30 on Saturday and on Sunday and expect to finish around 12:30 on Sunday. There will also be a party on Saturday around 20:00.

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