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Saturday, 03.27

9.10-10.00 Lawrence S.Moss and Ignacio Viglizzo
 Harsanyi Type Spaces and Final Coalgebras Constructed from Satisfied Theories
10.30-11.20Clemens Kupke, Alexander Kurz and Dirk Pattinson
 Algebraic Semantics for Coalgebraic Logics
11.20-12.10Corina Cirstea
  On Logics for Coalgebraic Simulation
12.10-13.00Riccardo Pucella
  On the Equivalence of Timed Regular Expressions
14.00-15.10invited lecture:
 Alex Simpson
 Delaying Closing Time
15.10-16.00Alexander Kurz and Alessandra Palmigiano
 Coalgebras and Modal Expansions of Logics
16.00-16.30 coffee
16.30-17.20Helle Hvid Hansen and Clemens Kupke
  A Coalgebraic Perspective on Monotone Modal Logic
17.20-18.10 Yde Venema
  Automata and Fixed Point Logics for Coalgebras

Sunday, 03.28

9.10-10.00 Luís Monteiro
A Noninterleaving Model of Concurrency Based on Transition
10.30-11.20 Roberto Bruni, Furio Honsell, Marina Lenisa and Marino Miculan
Modeling Fresh Names in the pi-calculus Using Abstraction
11.20-12.10Marcelo Fiore and Sam Staton
Comparing Operational Models of Name-Passing Process Calculi
12.10-13.00Neil Ghani, Kidane Yemane and Björn Victor
Relationally Staged Computations in Calculi of Mobile Processes
14.00-15.10 invited lecture:
Prakash Panangaden
Probabilistic Bisimulation Revisited
15.10-16.00Bart Jacobs
Trace Semantics for Coalgebra
16.30-17.20 Bartek Klin
A Coalgebraic Approach to Process Equivalence and a Coinduction Principle for Traces
17.20-18.10Dmitri Schamschurko and Konstantin Tchekine
Coalgebraic Approach for Resource Reservation Using Bandwidth Model

Monday, 03.29

11.00-11.50Bart Jacobs
  Relating two Approches to Coinductive Solution of Recursive Equations
11.50-12.40John Power and Olha Shkaravska
  From Comodels to Coalgebras
12.30-14.20 lunch
14.20-15.10 Venanzio Capretta, Tarmo Uustalu and Varmo Vene
 Recursive Coalgebras from Comonads
15.10-16.00Jirí Adámek, Stefan Milius and Jirí Velebil
  From Iterative Algebras to Iterative Theories
16.30-17.20Hendrik Tews
  Predicate and Relation Lifting for Parametric Algebraic Specifications
17.20-18.10 Marco Kick and John Power
 Modularity of Behaviours for Mathematical Operational Semantics