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In the Fall of 1998 I had some slides scanned and put on a Photo-CD, as a first test. The results looked sufficiently nice so I had some other CDs made. Since I'm not sure, whether browsers can handle Kodak's proprietary picture format, I've converted the pictures here to jpegs with a quality setting of 90+.

Most pictures are available in a resolution of 512 x 768 pixels. For comparison purposes, all five possible resolutions of the group picture taken at PSSL 67 are presented in that directory.

I used Olympus cameras, an OM-2 since 1976 and an OM-4 since 1984, until the Summer of 1997, then switched over to Canon (EOS 1n) in the Fall of that year. Since May 2000 this has been complemented by an EOS 1v. The switch-over to digital started in December 2004 with an EOS 20D for my wife. By October 2005 full format digital became almost affordable in the form of an EOS 5D. The latter has been replaced by a Mark II version as of August 2009.

As of June 2002, I can finally do my own scans on a Minolta Dimage Multi Pro film scanner.

opinions sought (recently scanned pictures you are invited to criticise)
playing around with a borrowed EF 2.8/15 semi-fisheye
math (mostly pictures of category theorists taken at various math meetings)
travel (pictures from Paris, Barcelona, Madrid, Antwerp, London, Amsterdam, Zermatt, the southwestern US (twice), Montreal, Portugal, Scotland, Toulouse...)
Lindener Hafen, 2010-06-04
Licht Parcour, Braunschweig, 2010
Pumpkins!, Watenbuettel, 2010-09-18
Zollhof, Düsseldorf, 2010-09-23
industrial decay
calendars 2003, 2004, 2005, 2007, 2008, 2009
winter 2002/03
highschool reunion 2000 (Abitur '75)
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